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SNOWMAN inside our HOUSE!! Playing in Backyard Snow and pretend witch makeover for a Halloween Party

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why build a snowman outside when you could do it inside ⛄


Best Snowman Day Ever 1032

IT’S SNOWING!! guys it’s the first snowfall of winter and Adley and I can’t wait to go out and play in it. We run into the backyard in our pajamas and start jumping on the trampoline!! It’s super fun, super slippery, and super cold. We see all the snow on the skate park and come up with that idea to go sledding in there some time this winter! That will be way fun. But today we have an even crazier idea!

We want to build a snowman indoors!! We get a treasure chest and start filling it up with snow to take into the house. I may or may not have started a snowball fight. lol Inside, we get candy and cereal to decorate our snow family and have tons of fun as our own family.

We have a witch party for Halloween that we are going to and to get ready Adley, Jenny, and Niko bear decorate cupcakes before we start getting dressed and put on makeup. I check to see how the girls make up is coming along and they are done. The have spiders and cobwebs on their faces and it looks awesome. They talk me into getting some eye make up on before we leave.

One more check on our snow men before we leave for the party. All the snow is melted but our snowmen are holding on!! We then load up and head to the surprise Holiday party with awesome food, tons of friends and carnival games similar to once we play at amusement parks!!

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