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How I Deal with MEAN GIRLS in School?

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Hi, my name is Sandra and I’m stuck in a very scary situation.
I’m what you might call a “goodie-two-shoes”. In those high school movies where the nerdy girl takes her glasses off and becomes the prom queen, I’m the before picture.
Don’t feel sorry for me, I don’t want that, I love who am I am. I’m a book worm. I love to read and study new things. I always do well in school and am already eyeing a very prestigious university. If I get a chance to go there.
There are these mean girls in my school, and I don’t mean the cutesy “Mean Girls” from those high school movies, either. These girls are really mean, and really scary.
I had a free period one day and needed to use the bathroom. I don’t like to do a number two at school, but when nature calls you don’t have a choice. I knew that there was a bathroom on the top floor of the school that no one went to because it was super old. I wanted the privacy, so I headed to that one. Not wanting to go into the details, I was near completing the task when the main door burst open and a girl came into the bathroom crying. I didn’t know what to do. Before I could say anything, the mean girls came in after her. I knew it was them right away. We all know their voices.
They started to push her around and call her names. I don’t know what started it, but I was trying to stay as quiet as possible. I felt bad for her, but I don’t know what I could do.
The girl was begging them to stop, they started to say really horrible stuff to her. Things about her mother, things about her friends not liking her, telling her that the world would be better off if she was dead. How could someone say that to another person? It’s crazy!
When she tried to run past them, I could here there was a scuffle. They must have punched her because I heard a grunt and she fell to the floor. They started to kick her. I wanted to help but I was frozen with fear. They kicked her for a long time before they had enough. They said a few more disgusting things before spitting on her and leaving the bathroom.
The girl was now crying hard and trying to catch her breath. It must have been kicked out of her pretty bad. She picked herself up off the floor and went into another cubicle and locked the door. Finally, unfrozen, I opened the door. I tried to talk to her, but she just screamed at me to leave her alone.
I washed my hands, remember I had just gone to the bathroom, and left. To my surprise, the mean girls were waiting for me when I left the bathroom. They must have been expecting the other girl because they were as shocked to see me as I was them.
“Did you enjoy the show?” was all one of them said as I quickly hurried back to study hall.
The rest of the day, I tried to keep a low profile. I skipped lunch and stayed in the safety of the library. As soon as the final bell rang, I raced home. I look a long way just in case they were following me. I know that’s silly now. Why would they follow me when they know I’m going to be at school the next day?
At dinner that night, my mom was talking to dad about a girl at school having to go to the hospital for internal bleeding after a fight. I knew that had to be the girl from the bathroom. If I was scared before I was triple that now.
I was thinking of telling my parents what I saw, but I didn’t want to get in trouble and maybe thought if I didn’t the mean girls would leave me alone.
Yeah, I was really wrong about that. The next day, they were waiting for me at the main door of the school. I managed to merge with a crowd to get past them. During three of my classes I saw them outside the window looking at me. I know that they are just waiting for the right time to get me.
I don’t know what to do! If I go to a teacher or my parents, they are going to be mad that I didn’t help the girl that got hurt. If I don’t, I’m sure that the mean girls are going to get me soon. What should I do? Should I try to talk to them? Should I move, change my name, and start a new life?
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