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Easy Face Mask: Let's do this!

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Lot's of us are wondering what we can do to help our healthcare workers. I am sure many of you have seen that people are sewing face masks. Are they really helpful? How do I know which style to make? Where would I send them?? All these are the same questions I have been having! THis is one method that many in the medical field are requesting. This is not the only method by far! So check with your local groups!

I had a conversation with my good friends Amy Frank of the Makery in State College PA. She has organized a local facebook group to get people sewing and to have a place for the hostpitals, doctor's offices and nursing homes to request masks. She is the one who gave me this specific method and I will upload the simple PDF directions to my blog soon.

Here are some resources for you to find where your handmade masks would be needed and

Visit facebook and in the search bar say "sew masks (your location)". There are groups constantly popping up that would love your help!

Visit this group on instagram ~
They are constantly posting new places that need masks and addresses where you can send them.

Also, call your local hospital and nursing homes. Ask if they will accept your donations. Also ask if they have a perferred method for you to make.

If you don't have elastic, you can use fabric ties like in this tutorial~

Please leave comments about your mask resources! I do know that these are not actually recommended for use alone but are helpful none the less.
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