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A Night with Sabrina Love erotic movie / Una noche con Sabrina Love / Uma Noite com Sabrina Love

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Une nuit avec Sabrina Love / Egy éjszaka Sabrinával / Una notte con Sabrina Love / सबरीना लव के साथ एक रात / Ночь Любви / ليلة مع حب سابرينا

In Curuguazu, located in the Argentinian countryside, seventeen year-old Daniel Montero has been raised by his grandmother for three years since the death of his parents in a car accident. Daniel has a boring life, working in a poultry processing plant and meeting his friends in the square to make small talk. He saves some money from his salary and buys an old television, where he watches late night porn shows of Sabrina Love. Daniel wins a contest to spend one night with Sabina Love in Buenos Aires. However, he does not have the 50 pesos to pay for the bus ticket and hitchhikes along 500 kilometers with truck drivers to the city. He is robbed on the road but arrives in Buenos Aires on Saturday morning, but the television postpones his meeting with Sabrina Love to Monday. Without any money, he visits his older brother Enrique who left his hometown many years ago to study agronomy and does not know that his parents are deceased. Daniel discovers many truths during his brief stay.

The ultimate fantasy for a 17 year old-winning the contest for a night with Ms Love-THE porno star

The film offers a glimpse into the life of a small town teenager: his routine, ideals, friends & family, and his ultimate fantasy. It also presents the striking differences in Argentina between its dominating capital (where about one third the population of this huge country lives & controls everything) and the rest of the country. Additionally, it is an excellent vehicle for Cecilia Roth (ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER), as the much-desired Sabrina Love.

Daniel Montero, a seventeen year old, he enjoys his nocturnal rite: to watch the program of the ultimate porn star. So, when he wins the contest to spend a night with Sabrina, he feels he has struck gold. Sabrina awaits him in her TV studio in Buenos Aires. Daniel starts his journey from the isolated town where he lives with his grandmother since his parents died. His life is boring; he has a disgusting job. In his journey, Daniel discovers the world and finds himself in a hazardous and eventful life, with a gallery of men helping him to grow through wisdom, and mischievous advice & lies, a young woman who seduces him, and of course Sabrina, her producers and her colleagues in the porn industry.

It's a fascinating look at many aspects of a teenager's life, and self-discovery in this new era in South America. Also for Ms. Roth, the international award-winning actress known for very heavy dramatic roles, this film is a complete about face. She proves to be just as adept in comedy as she is in drama.
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